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Danish Business Authority to visit Scale Up Milwaukee

Soren cropFor the month of February, Scale Up Milwaukee will host an observer from the Danish Business Authority’s Ministry of Business and Growth. Søren Boutrup is a highly regarded administrator and speaker having delivered talks in 13 countries. He has also taught entrepreneurship at The University of Copenhagen and at 25 other schools where he’s been heavily involved in developing curriculum.

Søren manages an innovative program to prevent the collapse of companies facing a crisis called Early Warning. Due to the effectiveness of the initiative, the European Commission has decided to expand the program to four other countries in 2016.

The Danish Business Authority has asked to embed Søren in Scale Up Milwaukee to learn how to replicate our impact in their country.

Help us in welcoming our guest as we continue showing the world the impact of Scale Up Milwaukee.

Søren Boutrup
Entrepreneurial Bureaucrat and Chief Advisor
Danish Business Authority
Ministry of Business and Growth