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Scalerator Pilot Class Graduates!

Last week, before the Scalerator class officially graduated, they participated in the fourth and final session of the program! Babson College’s Dean of Executive Education, Elaine Eisenman, worked with the group on how to successful build your organization for growth, focusing on growing companies through people.  Eisenman stressed the importance of vision, value and culture as essential components to help grow over the next two to five years.

How do you change or modify company culture?

1. Develop the vision
2.  Communicate the vision
3. Adjust your leadership style to be growth-focused
4. Hire and retain employees who fit the vision and the culture
5. Develop and celebrate role models in the company

No matter how you develop your company culture, it is most important that expectations are set from the start!




With Eisenman’s final lesson complete, the Scalerator class applied their knowledge from the entire program into the final development of actionable plan for growth. Dan Isenberg had challenged the class to identify a sales forecast for quarter one of 2014 and then decide what percentage they would increase that growth for quarter one and what specific action steps they would take to reach the goal.

As all of the companies presented their plans for growth, the teamwork and support that we saw throughout the six-week program, continued as everyone provided valuable feedback and constructive criticisms for each plan.The Scalerator faculty that was present; Dan Isenberg, Elaine Eisenman and Vini Onyemah, all were impressed with their ambitious plans and also continued to share their expertise in order to fine-tune each of the growth plans.


The afternoon was a celebration of the companies’ completion of the intensive pilot program, with diplomas and all!  Beyond the knowledge that the class gained, the group continuously discussed the importance of their time working with one another. They have been enthusiastic about their experience in the program and are committed to implementing their plans to grow and also intend to proactively “pay it forward” and help the Scale Up platform as it moves forward.

Moving forward, we will be following up with the companies as they work on executing the plans and look forward to observing their continued success.

Congratulation Scalerator class of 2013!