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Scale Up Programs and Activities



Scale Up Milwaukee offers regular programming and events to engage the ecosystem and overcome growth challenges. Ranging in topics and group size, programs are designed to offer insight, spark ideas, build relationships, and design action plans to accelerate the growth of your business.


High growth training program for businesses with $1M-$10M in annual revenue. Sessions focus on increasing growth ambition and capacity by improving sales and marketing, organizational development and finances.


Growth training program for ambitious business owners in central city Milwaukee with annual revenue between $100,000 and $1M.


Meet the Masters
Staged interview highlighting entrepreneurs and their successful expansion. Past participants include Shel Lubar, George Mosher, Sue Marks, Giacomo Fallucca and Ulice Payne.


CEO Forum
Quarterly leadership roundtable for the region’s largest companies’ executives.


Mayor’s Growth Tour
A mayoral tour of local businesses to inform local government of the growth challenges businesses are facing and to highlight growing businesses within the region.


Snap advising sessions linking corporate executives from the region’s largest organizations and Scalerator owners to address specific organizational challenges.


An entrepreneurial ecosystem and support network to promote growth ambition within the Milwaukee region.


Office Hours
One-on-one time with the Scale Up Milwaukee staff and topical experts to overcome growth challenges. Office Hours are hosted monthly.


Guide to Growth
Functional topics are presented by experts in a roundtable style setting. Experts’ topics  have included finance, benefits, human resources, and marketing.