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Scale Up Profile: Sleep Wellness Institute

Scale Up Profile: Sleep Wellness Institute

Sleep Wellnest InstitueFounded in 1994, the Sleep Wellness Institute is sleep disorder treatment center that specializes in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. They have two clinic locations with 14 beds for sleep studies and six treatment locations treatment that focus on CPAP therapy. With 65 employees, Sleep Wellness Institute treats over 5,000 patients annually.

The ability to diagnose and treat patients remains on the company’s most important features. Individuals lacking energy during the day or who have spouses complaining of their intense snoring during the night have found relief by spending time in their state of the art facility and being analyzed by certified technicians.
Recently, the Sleep Wellness Institute hosted an open house along with Philips Respironics. The event featured NBC’s The Biggest Loser – Season 9 finalist, Sherry Johnston, who lost 100 lbs during the competition. Ms. Johnston advocates strongly for sleep health and attributes much of her weight loss success to effectively treating her sleep apnea with a CPAP machine, one of the treatment options offered by the Sleep Wellness Institute.

While the Sleep Wellness Institute functions as a medical clinic, the technology and innovation operate out of an environment that is as comforting as a 5 star hotel. But behind the scenes, highly trained technicians are carefully observing the patient’s sleep patterns via equipment that has been comfortably connected to them.

Like Ms. Johnston, many of their patients report having their lives changed for the better after seeking help from the Sleep Wellness Institute. They may have had their first good night of sleep in years. They may notice increased productivity at work. And, in some cases, marriages have even been saved.

The Sleep Wellness Institute is excited to continue on their path of growth by participating in the Scale Up Milwaukee, Scalerator program. Along with delivering an excellent experience to thousands of patients, growth remains the top priority for the leadership team.

To learn more about sleep disorders or Sleep Wellness Institute, visit their website. www.sleepwellandlive.com