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Scale Up Milwaukee is an effective model for growth

Scale Up Milwaukee Becomes a Model for Helping Established Firms Grow

Resources for small companies tend to focus on startups, but businesses that are fully established face their own set of issues as they work to move on to the next phase. Scale Up Milwaukee was created to provide networking opportunities, a unique accelerator program and other resources specifically targeting growing businesses and the external factors that impact them.


As it enters its third year, Scale Up Milwaukee is already making a noticeable impact on the economy in Southeast Wisconsin. The 27 companies that have participated in its Scalerator program have created more than 200 jobs as a result of strategies spurred by the experience. They have also increased their aggregate revenue from $65 million to $95 million. These companies are on track to hit 200 jobs created within the first year after completing the program. With the addition of 18 new companies in the third Scalerator cohort, Scale Up Milwaukee projects directly impacting over $200 million in revenue and a commensurate increase in job creation.

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