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Scale Up Milwaukee hosts Italian president of G20 Young Entreprenuer’s Alliance

Scale Up Milwaukee will host a visitor interested in learning more about the Milwaukee method of scaling up. Luca Donelli, president of both the Italian Delegation and Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs Presidency team, will meet with stakeholders from across the ecosystem to learn how coordination and growth are already changing the Milwaukee region.

Luca Pic

Luca Donelli
Euros – Donelli Group
Responsible for international and European Relations/Strategic Alliances Confindustria Y.E.

Born in 1982, he graduated in International Economics and Management at Bocconi University in Milan. After an experience in McKinsey&Co. as a Business Analyst, Luca has started working with his family business, incorporated in 1911 and specialized in coating, maintenance & finishing services for Oil&Gas, industrial plants and building construction. Luca joined Confindustria Y.E. Alto Milanese Chapter, where he has held the VP position and he is now President.

As part of the International Relations Committee, Luca has contributed to the establishment of MAME YE Network, a network of Young Entrepreneurs of Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East. From 2011 to 2014 he served as Sherpa of the Italian delegation at G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (@G20_YEA). He has recently joined the Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs Presidency team in charge of “International and European Relations – Strategic Alliances”.

His decision to become an entrepreneur took place from a mix of sense of responsibility and willingness to have a riskier, but more rewarding life. He is learning how to be a fourth generation entrepreneur. He is reshaping part of the concept of the company through internationalization, establishing branches in the Balkans, and innovation, introducing energy saving services and more environmentally friendly technologies. His next challenge is to further introduce and promote the use of an innovative technology, already identified and currently being tested, which would revolutionize the way the company carries out maintenance projects offshore. Ad astra per aspera is his motto as well as that of the State of Kansas, where Luca was an exchange student in High School.

Twitter: @lucadon82

(Bio: http://rome.youthentrepreneurship.eu/speakers/luca-donelli-2/)