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Scale Up Hangs Out with Milwaukee Institute & WEDC

01.24 Hangout



On January 24th, Scale Up Milwaukee project leader, Dan Isenberg, had a great conversation with Milwaukee Institute’s Executive Director, Jay Bayne and Business Development Director, Greg Gapinski. We were also joined by one of our project partners, Wisconsin Econonic Development’s (WEDC) Gail MacAskill, Sector Manager.

With the Milwaukee Institute and WEDC’s current opportunity for small to mid-sized businesses to apply for access to a “super computer”, the conversation focused on how the two organizations are helping to support innovation and business development. Jay Bayne explained that the Milwaukee Institute ¬†hopes to increase the value proposition for the businesses with the use of modern technology in a variety of different sectors including manufacturing and the financial community.

Greg Gapinski commented that computational resources are often under developed or non existent within many Wisconsin companies and he is hoping that the Institute will be able to build awareness of how they can accelerate their product development process. Gail explained that WEDC supports these kinds of efforts by working to nurture the relationships between different companies so that the larger “tier 1” companies in the region are aware that there are local companies with the capability of producing a product to their specifications.

To watch the entire conversation, check it out here and share with your networks!