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Recap: Scalerator Session 3


“What is truly wonderful about the Scale Up initiative so far, has been the fantastic dialog and interaction with other companies in the group and the leadership of the class instruction” –Marshall Atkinson, Visual Impressions

The Scalerator program recently wrapped up its’ third session with Vini Onyemah, back in town to talk more in depth about sales and sales management for growth.

Some of the key points discussed in class were:

  • Closing the sale–the good and the bad in getting the first sale
  • What to do to get paid on time
  • Follow-up strategy following a sale
  • Customer retention
  • Sales management process, including building a pipeline
  • Selling into existing accounts (upselling, cross-selling)
  • Sales force development
  • Sales force management and compensation

With sales being such an essential component to any growing (or starting) business, identifying your sales team and finding the best management tasks were both concepts that Vini stressed throughout the session. The class was exposed to several different strategies on how to determine the size of your sales force and understanding how to recognize what resources exist within the company to focus on hiring “talent” vs. “experience.”

Session 3 also focused on the emphasized the importance of defining and having a strong brand identity because this is what will help to provide a clear direction when training your sales force. Many companies make the mistake of having a brand image and identity that is passive or past-focused, but a brand identity that is future-orientated and aspirational will resonate more positively with potential customers.

The lessons of both of Vini’s sessions reminded the group that sales is the ultimate validation of every business model–it’s the big “S” in every scale up. By implementing the customer-focused sales tactics and finding the right sales team, each of the Scalerator companies can begin to grow their customer base and ultimately work towards growing their businesses.

We asked Rachel from Advanced Chemical Systems what her biggest takeaways were from this session, watch her brief video below! 

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 1.22.05 PM


We only have one more session remaining for the Scalerator program and the participants have all been busy preparing their final presentations which will outline an action plan for growth. Stay tuned for more updates!