Upcoming Boot Camps

Boot Camps are one-to-two day streamlined and focused intensive sessions.

Providing opportunities to brush up, re-introduce, and re-invigorate concepts presented by industry experts.


June 2nd, 8 am-12 pm


with featured instructor Mark Ciepluch

Topics Covered

  • Margin vs. Markup
  • Understanding costs you can control
  • How to model profit and calculate Return on Investment
  • Supporting daily operations and fund growth
  • Reading the story of your P&L
  • and much more…

About Mark Ciepluch

Mark Ciepluch is a degreed Electrical Engineer from MSOE whose career journey took him from the automotive industry to the aerospace industry, where he became the general manager of an international company. Throughout his career, he has experienced and mastered financials, business planning, sales tactics and strategies, negotiations, operations, and more. Today, he is on Jerry Jendusa’s leadership team within the BreakthrU Family of Companies as President of Vendura Industries in Madison and as an advisor to Xiogenix in Milwaukee – and in all cases, is serving as an entrepreneurial leader and mentor.

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