Upcoming Boot Camps

Boot Camps are one or two day streamlined and focused intensive sessions.

Providing opportunities to brush up, re-introduce, and re-invigorate concepts presented by industry experts.


with featured instructor Brent Halfwassen

Brent Halfwassen, of Halfwassen & Associates, has worked with over 500 starting and growing entrepreneurs in the Milwaukee region. He is an entrepreneur coach focused on teaching the tools to transform how you operate and build the business you love to lead, and live the life you were created to have.

Topics include:

– Understanding Value vs Price, and why we usually talk about the wrong one

– The importance of your value proposition

– Key failure modes when understanding our value

– Value Proposition Workshop

– Sales Tool Kit Introduction

– Why we lose sales before we even start selling?

– Customer Questions

– Selling Questions

– Filling Your Funnel

– Rebuild/Repair/Remodel your Funnel

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