FlyBlooms by Funky Fly Flowerchild/Bronzeville Collective MK

“The Scale Up Milwaukee team expanded and refined the tools in my toolbox. The motivation and encouragement in each session gave me that extra boost to move forward with my goal of full-time entrepreneurship.”

Tiffany Miller, Owner, Fly Blooms

The Foster Lane


Amanda Nowak, Founder, The Simple Home

“I have learned new concepts and have been given advice that I wouldn’t have learned on my own!”


Ana Lopez, Owner, ALLCON

“Scale Up Milwaukee…has provided me with the relationships and tools that helped me improve my leadership skills. Now, my staff is much more engaged and accountable to the Scale Up Milwaukee business growth process which has helped improve our morale!”


Joaquin Soto Delgado, President, Elemental Financial

“Because of the program, whatever we were planning before now, it’s bigger, We’re planning for bigger things. Hopefully adding to the team and growing, just keep growing and making an impact in the community we serve.”


Mark Naber, Vice President, West Allis Blue

“We are growing. We believe we have a competitive advantage over our competitors because of everything that Scale Up Offers.”


John LaPoint, Co-Owner & Founder, GRG Playscapes

“We are grateful for the collaboration with them, their platform, and our peer group, both of which are contributing to our continuous momentum!”


Dan Nowak, Owner, Tall Guy and a Grill

“Tall Guy and a Grill has benefited from Scale Up Milwaukee on two fronts. We were able to streamline our workflow and keep our management team focusing on our high-impact projects to keep scaling the business. Second, Scale Up helped us create multiple revenue streams to better diversify our product offerings.”


Janine Dagons, Owner, Mariah's Family Care Home

“I used to be focused on doing the work, and now I’m focused on growing the business.”


Mike Harpster, President, Capital Electric Wire & Cable

“The Scale Up team helped us to identify our company’s real purpose and helped us to create a plan that is meant to grow us into the business we’re best suited for.”


Dawn Vogelsang, President, Hamacher Resource Group

“Scale Up Milwaukee has transformed our business. Before, we were writing 20-25 page business plans that we were too busy to follow. Since we started working with Scale Up, we are focused on the things that truly grow the business, whereas before, we were focusing on too much!”