Tiffany Miller

Fly Blooms

Meet Tiffany Miller – Chief Creative Owner of FlyBlooms – a bold, handcrafted adornments company that’s been blooming with Joy since 2012. New to full time entrepreneurship after years of working for others, read more about Tiffany’s journey In Joy as a Creative, Coach and Collaborator

Tiffany Miller
Tiffany Miller


What is the name of your business and what service do you provide or product do you sell?

FlyBlooms is a bold handcrafted adornments company – Blooming with Joy since 2012. I create blooms, scarves, skirts, clutches, lapel pins, jewelry, joy apparel and textile art banners more. I also curate crystals, metaphysical tools, candles and books. I’m intentional about collaborating with other creatives throughout the country to bring even more unique offerings to my business like the I AM Everything Affirmation Card Deck by I AM Co and Enamel Art Pins by Dana Miller.

What is the story of your business?

In 2010, I met the most beautifully dark centered-deep red petals sunflower in D.C. I consider myself to be both a human bumblebee and a bloom so I stopped to admire. I had been wearing store bought blooms in my hair for a while and something sparked within me. I also wanted to make something that would last. Like most seeds, it took a little time for my vision to bloom. I purchased supplies in 2011 and in June of 2012, I started blooming. I gave my first batch of blooms to my Honey Mama for her 60th BloomDay and the rest keeps on blooming

What drives you each morning?

Lately, I haven’t been remembering what I dream about. I have most beautifully been waking up with these assignments that need to urgently be written down. The assignments look like reminders to work on dreams I wrote in journals or spoke a while ago. Assignments that are ready to bloom in the now. This drives me each morning.

What keeps you up each night?

The opportunity to explore more in the world of entrepreneurship and creative freedom keeps me up at night. I’m really excited about the now and what’s possible in the next.

How do you define success?

Do I have joy, gratitude and love? Am I moving in ways that honor my mother’s legacy? Are my ancestor angels proud of how I’m living? The Yes’s that live in this space define success for me.

How did the Scale Up Milwaukee Team help you and your business?

The Scale Up Milwaukee team expanded and refined the tools in my toolbox. Each session provided a strategic focus with something we could implement right away and/or develop over time. The motivation and encouragement in each Thursday session gave me that extra boost to move forward with my goal of full-time entrepreneurship.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining Scale Up?

Do it. Apply everything. Show up. Grow with gratitude and joy in the process even if you think you know something.

What is next for your business?

So I’m new to the world of full-time full time entrepreneurship since noon on August 5th new. I’ve always had my full time creative business and worked for someone else. The discipline required to run a company is different in the world of full time entrepreneurship. I’m navigating this journey as a Creative, Coach and Collaborator. Opportunities are blooming out of unexpected places and I’m deciding what to harvest for maximum joy. For me, it all has to lead to joy.

Tiffany Miller
Tiffany Miller
Tiffany Miller