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Current Members

  • A Good Man’s Bookkeeping LLC
  • A Goodman’s Desserts
  • African American Chamber of Commerce
  • Alisha’s Gifts
  • Allah Mode LLC
  • Allcon
  • Aloekui, LLC
  • Amplify Graphics and Branding (previously West Allis Blue)
  • Amy Carman Design
  • Artys Sweet Talk Cupcakes
  • Athena Communications
  • Bara Legacies
  • BKlear
  • Blessed By Design
  • Brazen Standard (previously Tall Guy and a Grill)
  • Brilliance Business Solutions
  • Built by Stacy
  • Capital Wire & Cable
  • Catera
  • Challenge Island Greater Milwaukee
  • Chase My Creations
  • Cloud 9 Workshop
  • Cream City Print Lounge
  • Cultivate Taste LLC
  • D’VAXVAs Portable Parties, LLC
  • Dave Bent
  • Delicious Bites LLC
  • Diva de Luxe Salon Suites and Training Center
  • Debbie Allen
  • Dream Catering Co.
  • Elemental Financial LLC
  • ELL Advocates
  • Empower HR
  • Exempler, LLC
  • FAVORYT Brand
  • FIIT Perpsective
  • Five Star Educational Training Center
  • Flora
  • Fly Nails LLC
  • FlyBlooms by Funky Fly Flowerchild/Bronzeville Collective MKE
  • Fresh Bucks LLC
  • Fresh Coast Jazz Festival
  • Frost Realty
  • GRG Playscapes
  • Hamacher Resource Group
  • Heavenly’s Hands Day Spa
  • HenRock Group,
  • HoneyBee Sage Wellness & Apothecary
  • Indigo Thyme Handcrafted Soap LLC
  • Insperity
  • Intellect Media Co
  • IRSC
  • Jerry Jendusa
  • Joyce’s House of Milwaukee inc.
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Karol’s Kitchen And Catering
  • Knot Magic
  • Kreative Fruitz by IR
  • Lockwood & Lockwood Services
  • Love is Patient Medical Supplies LLC
  • Madelin Studio
  • Magnolia Tax Services
  • Mariah’s Family Care Home
  • Melnick & Melnick
  • Midwest Advantage Holdings
  • Milwaukee OATS
  • Milwaukee OATS Screen Printing
  • Mocha Beauty Inc.
  • Natasha Broxton
  • Nisha Group LLC
  • OH Snap! By Shell Photography
  • Old National Bank
  • Papyrus & Charms
  • Perrynorm Analytics
  • Plate Pleasures Eatery
  • Pleasantville Home Care Agency
  • RBJ Community Consulting
  • Relentless Care, LLC
  • Rooted MKE
  • Selfish Evolution
  • Semma’s Sunflower Organics
  • She Braids by Naya, LLC
  • Sherman Park Grocery
  • Sidekick Accounting
  • SPEARity
  • Spinn MKE
  • Ssali Media Group
  • Stuck/ Breakthrough Strategies
  • Style Pop Cafe
  • Surdna Foundation
  • The Ellevate Collective
  • The Foster Lane
  • The Simple Home
  • Tropic & Concoctions
  • VIBEZ Creative Arts Space
  • WEDC
  • Wellspace MKE
  • Whitson Wonder Productions
  • Zoe Engineering

Most Recent accelerator Cohorts:


Chase My Creations
Diva De Luxe
Elemental Financial
ELL Advocates
Indigo Thyme
Intellect Media
Lockwood and Lockwood Services
Madelin/ Studio on Six
OH Snap by Shell
Pleasantville Home Care
Rooted MKE
Milwaukee OATS Screen Printing
She Braids by Naya
Wellspace MKE
Whitson Wonder Productions
Zoe Engineering


Alisha’s Gifts
Blessed By Design
Challenge Island Greater Milwaukee
Cloud 9 Workshop
Delicious Bites LLC
FlyBlooms by Funky Fly Flowerchild/Bronzeville Collective MK
Fly Nails LLC
Frost Realty
Heavenly’s Hands Day Spa
HoneyBee Sage Wellness & Apothecary
Papyrus & Charms
Plate Pleasures Eatery
RBJ Community Consulting
The Foster Lane
VIBEZ Creative Arts Space


3 B's Catering
Blossom Candle
Colorful Connections
Erth World Corporation
Gratify Financial
Locally Inspired
Melnick & Melnick, S.C.
MKE Behavioral, LLC
Rebel Squid Creative Agency
UBUNTU Research and Evaluation

Growth Accelerator 7

Belle Fiori, Ltd.
Home at Heart
Therapy At Home LLC
Amy Carman Design
Logical Green Solutions LLC
LFFH, Inc.
Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers
Parts Badger