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Membership FAQ

Who should be a Scale Up Milwaukee Member?

Any person, business, or organization that is growth-minded and looking to help the Milwaukee area grow should become a member.

How will I benefit from a Scale Up Milwaukee Membership?

Members get exclusive access to our members-only meetings, as well as free/discounted admission to other Scale Up Milwaukee events.  Your membership will connect you with regional, national, and even international resources.  Our members are featured in our membership directory and shared with other Scale Up Milwaukee members.

What kind of topics are talked about at members meetings?

Our members discuss a myriad of topics focusing on growth in the area.  Meetings typically feature panelists who share their own personal growth stories, and from there, discussion is centered around how to grow the Milwaukee area and what Scale Up Milwaukee can do to help its members grow.

How much time will I need to invest?

The more time you invest in your membership, the greater the benefits will be.  Members meetings typically occur once per quarter and last two hours.  There are other opportunities open to members, such as other Scale Up Milwaukee events or Scalerator sessions.

What kind of businesses are current members?

Our members represent all types of industries, from universities to banks to manufacturers.  We try to make our membership program as inclusive as possible, because growth is not possible if you stifle sectors of the environment.

My company is relatively young.  Can I still join?

Absolutely. Scale Up Milwaukee members represent a variety of industries, sizes, and life cycle stages of companies. The membership tiers are split by revenue size, the smallest starting at $1000 for companies below $10 million in annual revenue.

What are the expectations of Scale Up Milwaukee Members?

Members are expected to be open-minded and growth orientated.  We also expect our members to be engaged in Scale Up Milwaukee initiatives.  We find that engaged members get more out of their membership than non-engaged members.

How do I become a member?

Follow the link and fill out the membership application.

Click here to apply to become a member.

What are the costs of membership?

There are four tiers, ranging from $1000 – $3000 per year, per company.  The amount your membership costs depends on the company’s annual revenue.   For more information of membership costs,  click here.

Who do I speak to about membership?

You can contact Heather Pechacek for other questions regarding membership.