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Getting the word out

Scale Up Milwaukee is about helping our region’s companies grow. It’s also about ensuring the region’s environment is equipped to embrace and enable growth. In short – to initiate culture change.

Getting the word out there about the importance of growth and how to facilitate it is a significant component of the Scale Up initiative. In that regard, we’ve been quite busy.

  • Here’s a quote from an email Dan Isenberg sent last month: “I presented over the weekend to city leaders of various kinds from Louisville, Boston, LA/Riverside, Wellington NZ, DC, Denver, and so on. The interest in Scale Up is tangible, and they all have a somewhat different view of Milwaukee now as being out in the lead at least as far as climate for growth. Similarly at the EC – I met with all of the entrepreneurship policy makers for Europe, and many of them understand that Scale Up is missing and needed.”
  • It’s not “just” national and international recognition. In September, Brian Schupper, the director of Scale Up Milwaukee, and steering council member, Ugo Nwagbaraocha spoke at the Rotary Club of Milwaukee about growth entrepreneurship and Scale Up Milwaukee. Listen to a podcast of the event here.
  • Also, Lt. Governor Kleefisch has become a champion of Scale Up Milwaukee, including visiting the Scalerator and planning a “mini-mission” of elected officials in the next few months to see Scale Up Milwaukee in action. She also invited us to present one of three breakout sessions at the Wisconsin Small Business Summit last month.brian rotary

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