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Delegation from Brazil sees Scale Up Milwaukee working

Delegation from Brazil sees Scale Up Milwaukee working

Last week, Scale Up Milwaukee received a delegation from Brazil interested in learning more about the Milwaukee model of #ScaleUp. They arrived on Wednesday evening after learning about the Scale Up model from its creator, Dan Isenberg, at the Babson Driving Economic Growth program. For 3 days, leaders from 10 countries learned about the power of ecosystem growth and witnessed Scale Up Milwaukee presented as a case study for success.


The future of Scale Up Rio was represented by:

  • Tande Vieira, Undersecretary of State of Science, Technology and Innovation of Rio de Janeiro
  • Andre Diamand, President of ABstartups
  • Juliano Sebrae, Managing Director of Endeavor Brasil
  • Mauricio Guedes, CEO of Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Technology Park
  • Cezar Vasquez, Executive Director of Sebrae
  • Marcelo Vertis, Secretary of Economic Development and Energy of Rio de Janeiro

Scale Up Rio

What did they discover? Scale Up Milwaukee is working.


They learned that coordinated and collaborative efforts to encourage growth across the ecosystem lead to massive impact. By meeting with various stakeholders and visiting organizations heavily engaged and dedicated to growing the region, they could see for themselves the effect the message and instrument of growth has had on the region. Significant progress is being made, making Milwaukee a better place for growing business. To sum up: Milwaukee is leading a revolution.


The visits included Red Flag Cargo Security Systems, a recent Scalerator graduate that has outgrown its current location warranting a move to a larger facility, a morning at the Mayor’s office learning how the local government plays an active role in fostering an entrepreneurship ecosystem. They met with Jerry Jendusa, a Scale Up Milwaukee steering council co-chair and founder of EMTEQ, to discuss the role of entrepreneurs in the movement to grow the region. Additionally, the group toured the city with Lee Swindall of WEDC and Dave Misky of the Milwaukee Redevelopment Authority learned of the multiple efforts and changing the region.


With a population of 6.3 million, Rio is significantly larger than Milwaukee. Still, systematically infusing growth into the culture and systems in a method that replicates the Milwaukee Model of #ScaleUp will yield similarly powerful results.  The group, comprised of leaders from across the ecosystem, has witnessed the model in action. They were impressed and inspired to act in their home state.  The visit created a connection with Rio de Janeiro likely to yield trade and economic fruit beneficial for both regions.


Our new Brazilian friends from Rio found the trip educational and productive. Stay on the lookout for our new growth-obsessed neighbors, Scale Up Rio.