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Cream City Ribbon

Scale Up Milwaukee visits Cream City Ribbon

Eric 1A model of sustainability and modern technology has helped Cream City Ribbon thrive in an economic climate that is not always friendly to old-style manufacturing. Scale Up Milwaukee project lead Elmer Moore went to visit this growing business to learn what breathes life back into a company hit hard by the Great Recession.

Cream City Ribbon is a 100 year old Milwaukee company that creates beautiful high-end ribbon. While the term has recently become trendy, their product has been “green” for the past century, creating a pure cotton ribbon designed with soy-based ink. Even though they are staying true to their roots, this old company is growing by doing new business in a sophisticated way.

Eric Crawford took over the company in 2012 and, without abandoning the 100 year old machines that were still running the operation, implemented new technology that grew the business. By introducing social media into a manufacturing setting, Cream City Ribbon was able to attract otherwise untapped markets. They also developed an efficient shipping system that simultaneously saved them money while making it easier for nationwide customers to enjoy their product.

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