“5 Questions With” Series

“5 Questions With” is a quick and easy video series to give you business insights in under 10 minutes. We’ll cover hiring, sales, marketing and more.

Robert Reck, Kilbourn Marshall

Member Robert Reck owns Kilbourn Marshall, a Milwaukee based executive recruiting firm. He’ll cover timing, his predictions for the new workplace, the benefits of hiring a generalist, what his clients are saying, and what his candidates are asking.

Cory Savage, CEO of Savage Solutions

With the current state of affairs, company messaging (both internally and externally) is a priority. In this video, Cory Savage discusses the need for clear company values and brand architecture and their importance to internal culture and external messaging. He’ll answer the following:

1. Why are values and brand architecture important?

2. How can core values impact the increasingly digital workplace?

3. The elevator pitch is dead…now what?

4. How can values set your messaging apart from other businesses? 

5. Where do I start?!

Savage Solutions is a Third Ward Milwaukee marketing agency that believes in Brave Creative. They offer branding, photo and video, and digital marketing expertise. To connect with Cory and his team to follow-up on this video, please visit their website.


Beth Ridley, The Brimful Life

Beth Ridley, CEO of The Brimful Life, discusses the importance of owners and leaders having resilience and questions to ask yourself and employees as we navigate our changing world and business landscape. They may seem simple, but these will get you and your employees thinking:

1. Where is your “thin place”?

2. Who is NOT in your personal social circles? 

3. Why does this meeting matter?

4. Are you acting like a kid? (In a good way!)

5. Ask your employees: How are you doing?

Colleen Beres, Terra Translations

As we all strive towards becoming more equitable and inclusive businesses, we challenge you to think about simple tactics that go a long way. Website localization and providing translation on your assets is one of those meaningful updates that will also get you ROI. In this video, Colleen Beres of Terra Translations discusses why translation on your website and within other assets can create connection with a new audience and provide unexpected ROI. Topics covered include: 

1. Why should I use translation in my business? 

2. If I use translation, should I have a bilingual staff?

3. Why should I use a service provider over an engine like Google Translate?

4. What kind of ROI can I expect from using translation?

5. I’m interested in translation, but where do I start?

Terra Translations provides translation services to a wide variety of industries. They’re also providing consultations and other free services to Scale Up members to get started. Visit their website (terratranslations.com) or contact Colleen (colleen@terratranslations.com) directly to learn more!