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Scalerator Program


Scalerator is the flagship program of ScaleĀ Up Milwaukee. To date, four cohorts representing 57 companies with combined revenues exceeding $230 million, have graduated from the Scalerator.

The growth-training program teaches business owners the practical skills to inject growth into their ventures. The Scalerator focuses on three primary areas: sales and marketing, organizational development and entrepreneurial finance. Additionally, the program works with investors, banks, professional services firms, universities and public sector stakeholders to support growth.

Our alumni represent various industries and services, and it is their variety that showcases our idea that any company can grow when given the right resources. The companies are projecting an average 31% revenue growth in 2017, have hired over 600 new employees to date, and are projecting $86 million in financing in 2017 alone. The growth of these companies is catalyzing the growth of the region.

If if you would like more information on Scalerator, or to recommend a company, contact Elizabeth Cizinsky.