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Scale Up Programs and Activities



Scale Up Milwaukee offers regular programming and events to engage the ecosystem and overcome growth challenges. Ranging in topics and group size, programs are designed to offer insight, spark ideas, build relationships, and design action plans to accelerate the growth of your business.

CEO Forum

CEOs and senior executives of large corporations (with local headquarters) discuss ways to support and promote growth in the region. These forums help to educate the CEOs of Scale Up Milwaukee’s impact, and create partnerships that will benefit local growing businesses.


Engagement with Lt. Gov. Kleefisch

Through engaging the office of the Lieutenant Governor (public speaking, attendance of programs, etc.), Scale Up Milwaukee hopes to inform the state government of the work done by the program as well as garner more support for the events it puts on.


Executive Committee

Scale Up Milwaukee has formed an Executive Committee to help make decision regarding the direction and activities of the organization of Scale Up Milwaukee.


Finance/Bankers’ Workshops

These workshops gather local bankers and local growing companies to discuss how to better finance growth in order to promote better communication and advocate for the importance of financing growing businesses.


Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts consist of individual interviews from representatives of different domains in the local ecosystem. Experts educate the public on growth in the Milwaukee region through their talks on specific subjects.


Mayor’s Growth Tour

The Mayor’s Growth Tour is a scheduled tour with growing companies in Milwaukee that also includes a roundtable discussion in the Mayor’s office regarding ways to help Milwaukee grow. The tour aims to inform the local government of Scale Up Milwaukee’s work, as well as recognize growing companies for their progress.


Meet the Masters

Meet the Masters is a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs speaking on the strategies and tactics positioning a scaling venture to comply with and be attractive to financing sources.


Members Meetings

Scale Up Milwaukee has developed a membership platform for your business to grow and connect with the Milwaukee region’s leading companies and executives. We offer exciting membership benefits and assets focused on growth, resources and connections, including quarterly meetings. If you are interested in becoming a member, contact Heather.


Members Presentation

Industry leaders will present to a group of up to 10 entrepreneurs and discuss functional topics of interest and areas of need. The goal is to answer questions and provide feedback and solutions to attendees.



The newsletter is a weekly email that includes updates of Scale Up Milwaukee activities and growth in Milwaukee. The newsletter keeps subscribers in the loop and helps to recognize examples of growth to serve as inspiration to others.


Roundtable Discussions

Member roundtable groups will meet to discuss functional topics dealing with hurdles and obstacles businesses are facing in terms of growth.



ScaleCorp is a collaboration between CEO Forum corporations and Scalerator participants focusing on company-specific problems. The support provided by the CEOs and executives of large corporations helps growing companies solve their specific issues and continue to thrive.



Scalerator is the flagship program of Scale Up Milwaukee. The six-month, seven-session training program teaches business owners the practical skills to inject growth into their ventures. Administered by a team of professors from world leader in entrepreneurship education Babson College, the Scalerator focuses on three primary areas: sales and marketing, organizational development and entrepreneurial finance.


Scalerator Finale

The Scalerator Finale is the graduation ceremony for the companies in the program. Not only does it celebrate the accomplishments of the participants, but it demonstrates the impact of the Scalerator to important stakeholders and the community.


Scalerator Village

The Scalerator Village is a business fair of current and past Scalerator companies. The GMC and other stakeholders get to see the impact of the Scalerator on participating companies, and allows participants to showcase their products and services.



Consisting of collecting and sharing stories of growth and progress in the Milwaukee Area, Share-A-Thon aims to create consistent communication of the Scale Up Milwaukee message and the promotion of growth.



Similar in nature to Scalerator and with similar goals, SPARC is a Scalerator Preparedness and Readiness Course for businesses between $100k -$1M. The five-month, four-session course will equip entrepreneurs with the ability to grow their business in preparation for the Scalerator program.


Steering Council

Industry leaders will present to a group of up to 10 entrepreneurs and discuss functional topics of interest and areas of need. The goal is to answer questions and provide feedback and solutions to attendees.