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What is Scale Up Milwaukee?

What is Scale Up Milwaukee? Scale Up Milwaukee (www.scaleupmilwaukee.org ) is an ambitious, multi-stakeholder effort to catalyze entrepreneurial growth in the Milwaukee region by helping entrepreneurs scale their business ventures. “Help” does not mean conducting any one program or copying a model from somewhere else. Instead, it means facilitating a “home-grown” entrepreneurship ecosystem that includes […]


A Message from Dan Isenberg

Let me start by saying that I am honored and humbled to be a part of this new project, OPEN for Enterprise, which we will start right here in Milwaukee. Although I was born close by in Chicago (longer ago than I care to think about) and visited Wisconsin’s lakes for vacations as a 3-year-old, […]


March 28 Press Conference

Watch a video recap of the press conference, courtesy of Fox 6 News: Broadcast of Press Conference, March 28, 2013